Custom Software

BitMethods has been delivering custom software applications for over 10 years.  Contact us to find out how expertise and structured design can accelerate your next project.automation_home.jpg


BitMethods offers an array of tools to to create rich graphical user interfaces for practically any Internet enabled device. 


HTML5 Widgets

JMWidgets is a open source HTML5 widgets library that provides stunning graphical widgets for web applications.  Widgets can be added with a single line of code!


From Embedded to Cloud...

BitMethods provides software design, development and consulting services to help companies deliver innovative solutions and accelerate product development cycles.  We specialize in embedded device software, desktop applications, Internet technology and cloud systems.  

HTML5 - The ubiquitous platform

Are you considering using HTML5 for you next project?  Are you a device manufacture who wants to use HMTL5 to visualize data on an tablet or mobile device.  Contact us to find out how we can save you time and money by using our JMWidgets and JMWebStudio technology to provide stunning desktop style graphics for your application.