Overview Our experience makes the difference

BitMethods has been providing consulting and software services for over 10 years.  Our approach is to apply our experience to help our clients solve problems and accelerate development.  BitMethods has expertise in embedded systems, automation applications, Internet connectivity, visualization and cloud based systems.  If you have a product connected to the Internet, we can help you.

Listed below of some our our key areas of expertise:

C++ and Qt Software

We are experts in the popular open source Qt software library.  Qt is one of the most advanced C++ libraries available for embedded and multiplatform systems.  BitMethods had designed and developed a complete IDE for automation based on the Qt library.  At BitMethods, we know the low-level details of Qt as well as the high level benefits of using this library for embedded applications.  We can help you accelerate your product development using Qt.

Java and Eclipse IDE Software

BitMethods created several Java applets for embedded application as well as a full drag and drop HMI Editor IDE based on Eclipse. The Eclipse IDE is one of the most flexible IDEs that can benefit a wide range of industies.  Find our how our Eclipes software and knowlege can help you.

HTML5 Web Applications

BitMethods is a leader in HTML5 based web applications.  We have indepth knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and Javascript as well as the most popular web libraries including jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile.   HTML5 is an excellent technology.  Ask us how it can benefit you with your next project.

JMWidgets Software

Based on our experience with both Internet and HMI software, we have initated the JMWidgets open source project to provide HMI style graphical widgets for web applications.  JMWidgets provides some of the best widgets available on the Internet today.  We can create new widgets or help your integrate JMWidgets with your next project.

PHP, Ruby and Cloud System

BitMethods has experience in both PHP an Ruby on Rails based web software.  In particular we specialize in connecting devices to the cloud and displaying graphica data from factories and field systems.  BitMethods is an expert in Internet of Things and using cloud systems to connect the world to the Internet.